The Art of Healing


I would like to share my experience in having Elizabeth as my massage therapist. When I first started going to Elizabeth, my left shoulder was extremely knotted and hurt to move. Elizabeth listen to what I had to say and was able to use her unique ability to relieve the pain, even after going to her for about 3 years she still listens to what I have to say. Before I went to Elizabeth I had tried many, many other massage therapists. Elizabeth's training has allowed her to use a variety of massage techniques that most masseuse are not even schooled in. Two that I can think of are the “T” bar and the raindrop massage, both of which have been extremely useful to me. The “T” bar is what we had to use to get the muscles relaxed in my shoulder. The raindrop massage is so relaxing with the essential oils she uses, you can feel the stress just draining off of your body. For me this is a great relief since, I help run several business. Also, I like the idea that the oils she uses on me are high quality, I like to know what is going onto my body. Elizabeth trained for about 2 years to become a massage therapist and because of that she is excellent. As I have told people that I have recommended to her, “She does not give froufrou massages her massage make you feel better and last a long time.” All of the massage therapist that I had used before just want a quick easy degree that was finished in a few months. Elizabeth seems to me like she was looking for a way to really help people with their problems. That is why I feel she took the extra time out of her life for training instead of opting for a quickie degree. At least this is what I have experienced from her training. For anyone who is having pain, stress, or just needs to relax you could not find a better massage therapist than Elizabeth she is truly gifted.


I have been a client of Elizabeth for many years now. Long before she launched her own business. For years I tried several different Massage Therapist in various some even extremely high end spas. Some of them were OK some were NOT. But I knew that when I found Elizabeth I found Perfection.
I do Therapeutic Massage Therapy twice a month as a maintenance for my body. She has researched the perfect blend mix of oils for my unique needs. There was a time when I was in such bad shape that I required Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy and repeated traction sessions, multiple times in the same week, as well as taking pain meds and muscle relaxers. With the excellent skills of this talented professional Massage Therapist I have healed so much. No more pain meds or physical therapy or traction.

She is my Massage Therapist for Life.
Elizabeth knows THE ART of HEALING.


If you are looking for an amazing massage therapist, I highly recommend Elizabeth Bradberry at The Art of Healing. She is located inside Integrity Chiropractic, next to Dollar Tree. She skillfully worked the knots out of my body. She found tense areas that I didn't even realize were tense. As she worked her magic, I could feel the tension leaving my body. Everyone deserves to be pampered!

I love the experience Elizabeth has in many techniques. She is well educated, professional and her room is very clean. I've been going for over a year now and thanks a lot to her, my flare ups with fibromyalgia and lower back pain are few and far between. I highly recommend for all massage and especially for specific therapy too!

Best massage ever! I've had several massages but they never actually helped me. Elizabeth is a true professional and really knows what she's doing. Amazing!